One human being killing another just because he belongs to a different faithis an indicator of the hollowness within the perpetrator of violence. Weall know that no religion would justify such an action. Why then does ithappen? When we are ourselves incomplete, we look for excuses outside.Anger directed at someone else, if examined closely, is actually anger atone’s own inadequacies.If we were equanimous, negative thoughts and actions would not even arise.How does one reach such a state? It is through the practice of meditation.Intrinsically, it results in the control of the mind and at the subtle level, peaceand tranquility within. When the body is not exercised, it becomes weak andunhealthy. Similarly if the mind and spirit are not serviced regularly, theydecay and a rot sets in, inside.‘Modern life,’ with all its pressures, allows us time only to watch televisionand that too only of the purely entertainment variety. Consequently, greatcontributions of our ancestors in developing methods for nurturing our soulshardly reach us. So many different meditative techniques developed to suitvaried individual temperaments have been or are in process of getting lost.Mostly we are not even aware of the value of what we are losing. It followsthat grossness in the society is rising.Increasing levels of insensitivity towards our fellowmen was refl ected in therecent happenings in Gujarat when even well to do people looted stores inAhmedabad while their brethren were being killed. Considering that theseare troubled times and there is a need of peace, please do spend some timeevery morning meditating on any ideal of your choice and you will noticethat gradually you yourself will start becoming like that ideal. If everyonedid this, the chances of another tragedy occurring like the one in Gujaratwould considerably diminish.