My association with SPICMACAY began, almost furtively, when I spotted an advertisement for its GURUKUL Scholarship Scheme and decided to apply for it. Slowly, I became more aware about the movement and its spirit. I realised that SPIC MACAY is all about making us aware about OUR cultural heritage.

For a generation which is accused of being blissfully unaware about the beauty and depth of Indian classical music, the organisation has taken a bold initiative by giving a platform to virtuosos and prodigies, and bringing them to the youth.

The movement is grooming today’s youth towards being a better generation of tomorrow, in its own special way, by organising concerts, workshops, talks, conventions and intensives. Its efforts in presenting​ the awesome treasure trove of Indian Classical music and arts, by providing first hand information about the art as well as the artist (‘kalaa’ and ‘kalaakaar’) to the youngsters, contributes towards the holistic development of an individual’s personality.

In 2010, I had the blissful opportunity of spending a month at the Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) in Munger. The serene precincts of BSY had an uncanny calming experience on my inner-self. An institution like this plays a veritable role in infusing positive vibes in the society at large. Spirituality is about tranquilising the inner mayhem so as to be receptive about vibes from within and without. The current generation of youngsters is slowly losing its real self to the pervasive influence of technology. Social networking sites are reducing us to wannabes, broadcasting every move with the intention of being ‘connected’ to everyone else. In turn, one is losin touch with their self, creating a void in the inside. It has also resulted in radical lifestyle choices with long-term negative impacts on the physical and emotional health of the individual.​

The role of SPICMACAY as a facilitator in the entire process of bringing one close to their OWN self is venerable. By being active within the daily happenings of social life, it promotes a holistic development of the self. Getting in touch with our roots and heri- tage is a distinct way of reaching out to the thread of spirituality within us. This common thread within us unites people at another cognitive realm, making them contribute towards the development of the society. I will be eternally grateful to SPICMACAY for introducing me to this ‘other world’, of which I’d have been aloof, otherwise!


​- Radhika Rani​